Waxing Services at The Beauty Spot in Boulder

Waxing is a process that removes unwanted body hair. It may be performed anywhere on the body as long as hair length in no shorter than ¼” long. Waxing will not make the hair grow back “darker” or “more coarse”. In fact, repeated waxing treatments will actually damage the hair follicle leading to a decreased ability of that follicle to produce hair. The hair growth will not only lessen but also be finer. Shaving will activate new hair growth. Hair grows in 3 different phases.   So, it’s best to have regularly waxing  every 3-5 weeks for the most effective results.sensual-239447 (1)

Waxing can be slightly uncomfortable. You may choose to take an over the counter pain medication 30 – 45 minutes prior to your appointment. It is recommended to discontinue use of Accutane or Retin-A prior to waxing. A “clean”, trimmed area is preferred for any waxing treatment, especially bikini! For the bikini or legs, exfoliating with a body scrub is helpful 24 hrs prior to your appointment to help decrease ingrown hairs (none on the same day before or after).

Treated area may be pink for few hours after your service. It is best to avoid direct sun immediately after waxing to decrease the possibility of hyper-pigmentation. Avoid AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids), saunas, and hot tubs for 48 hrs. If you’ve had a bikini wax, to help prevent ingrown hairs and folliculitis (tiny whitehead looking pimples) try to avoid tight clothes, sweating, and sexual intercourse for the first 24 hrs. Sorry! But, you will thank me later.

Waxing Prices

  • Brows – $15
  • Lip – $10
  • Chin – $10
  • Sides of face – $12
  • Underarms- $18
  • Arms – $30
  • Bikini wax – $25+
  • Brazilian – $65
  • Half Leg wax –  $30
  • Full Leg wax – $55
  • Half Leg w/ Bikini wax – $60
  • Full Leg w/ Bikini wax – $80
  • Back & Shoulders waxing – $45+
  • Chest & Shoulders waxing – $45+

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