Located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, The Beauty Spot Salon offers an intimate setting for all your
beauty needs. Our goal is to have you walk out of my door, not only feeling good about the
service we provided, but also feeling good about yourself.
See why people come to The Beauty Spot from Denver and Ft. Collins and all over Colorado!

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a form of permanent makeup which creates a fuller and more defined look by adding a deposit of color to your lips. Create a more natural look with no harsh lines or colors.

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The Hydrafacial is amazing for ALL skin types. It improves skin appearance, restores youthful healthy skin with absolutely no downtime, and most clients see a noticeable improvement after a single skincare treatment.

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Microneedling is considered to be the alternative to plastic surgery and fillers with minimal to no downtime – at a of third the cost! This cutting edge anti-aging skincare therapy is fantastic for ALL skin types.

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Lash Lifts

Want luscious eyelashes without the expense and time commitment of eyelash extensions? Elleebana Lash Lift is perfect for you! Get the perfect long-lasting lash lift at The Beauty Spot!

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Do you want younger looking eyebrows? Microblading, also known as 3D eyebrow embroidery, is your answer. This new semi-permanent technique for eyebrow tattooing is amazing!

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Fibroblasty also called a plasma lift is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment that tightens the skin by activating the fibroblasts in your own body resulting in younger-looking skin.

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permanent makeup in Boulder, Colorado

Service of the Month

The benefits of Opus Plasma laser treatment ~ collagen and elastin production is stimulated resulting in skin that is bright, firm, and highly oxygenated. We’re one of only a few salons to offer this in Colorado!
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About The Beauty Spot

Michelle Hale is the Owner, Esthetician & Permanent Makeup Artist at The Beauty Spot in Boulder, CO.

She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in dental hygiene, and now as an esthetician continues to perfect her talents and regularly adds new treatments for her customers. Michelle also offers permanent makeup, HydraFacials, and skincare treatments! Be sure to stop by her beauty salon in Boulder soon!

permanent makeup in Boulder, Colorado

Alma TED Hair Restoration

Alma TED’s proprietary technology with Impact Delivery™ offers a non-invasive, non-traumatic option to address the market’s growing hair loss concerns. After two months, patients observe an increase in hair volume and after three months, they see less scalp exposure and bald spots filling in. These results have been clinically validated in over 20 published studies, and patients have given positive feedback about the treatment.

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The Beauty Spot is conveniently located at
1750 30th St #37, Boulder, CO 80301.


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The Beauty Spot

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Take a look at what our clients have to say:

“LOVE Michelle. I drove 3.5 hours to see her. Worth every minute. Went first for eyebrow Microblading because her pics of brows looked the most natural off all the Microblading services researched. Excellent results. Then I had microneedling with LED on my face – I could see the difference, creases around the mouth and lips significantly improved. Going back again this week. I book her whenever I need to go to Denver.” ~ Pippa M., Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I had microneedling, microblading, lash-tinting and lift done here. Michelle is amazing. She did an excellent job with all the services. I’ll be going back for more microneedling (and having my lashes tinted and lifted on a regular basis), I love how soft and even it’s making my skin feel and look. ~ Morgan N., Boulder, Colorado

“Michelle is an absolute pure talent in what she does.  Her permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation is the best quality.  You are in trusted hands with Michelle as she spends so much care with her clients and the results show!” ~ Matthew L., Denver, Colorado

“I love Michelle and her work – she is professional, personable, and most importantly, honest, about what is or isn’t best suited to benefit my specific skin type. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a knowledgeable and caring practitioner! And she is a testament to her own work- she looks fabulous!” ~ Victoria S., Boulder, Colorado

“Michelle is hands down the best tech to do a lash lift. My lashes have never looked so great!” ~ Rhonda M., Boulder, Colorado