MIC/B12 Injections “The Skinny Shot”

Enhance your healthy lifestyle with all the benefits of Vitamin B12 in addition to a unique blend of ingredients to support your weight loss journey


B12/MIC Injection Benefits

  • B12 boosts energy & endurance

  • Inositol & a healthy diet helps initiate modest weight loss by improving insulin sensitivity

  • Choline helps build lean muscle mass

  • Complements a healthy lifestyle to break through weight plateaus

  • Gentle & effective for sensitive stomachs

B12/MIC is most effective when used as part of a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet & regular exercise.

What is MIC/B12?

MIC is a lipotropic agent that dates back as early as 1935. It is used to promote liver health, increase a healthy metabolism, enhance mood and overall energy production. When combined with Vitamin B12, these benefits are magnified.
When used in combination with diet & exercise, MIC/B12 amplifies the body’s ability to break through weight loss stagnation and build lean muscle mass. This injection is administered twice weekly from home. 


Innovative Ingredients

B12: A water-soluble vitamin involved in fat metabolism and energy production. Symptoms of low Vitamin B12 include muscle weakness, fatigue, and irritability. 

Inositol: A B-vitamin that promotes the health of cell structures & nerve synapses to help improve mood, suppress appetite, and improve insulin resistance. 

Methionine: An antioxidant which helps detoxify the liver and reduce inflammation. 

Choline:An essential nutrient that helps to regulate memory, mood, muscle control & many other functions

What’s Included:

• 90+ day supply of medication (30 Injections)
• $11/shot vs ~$40 at most retailers)
• Formulated by FDA-inspected & certified pharmacy
• Ongoing Text Support
• billed $330 for 30 Injections ($110/month)
• No Insurance Needed and Free Delivery

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