Non-laser Tattoo Removal in Boulder, Colorado

Tattoo Removal in Boulder, Colorado

The Beauty Spot now offers Tattoo Removal!

We use A+ OCEAN hypertonic sterile saline solution which is intended to naturally remove or lighten conventional and cosmetic tattoos. A+ OCEAN uses the finest sea salt available in the world and then removes all contaminants, producing the purest saline in the world. This saline solution will produce the hypertonic reaction, causing cells to release the pigment to the epidermis level of the human skin.

Tattoo lightening in Boulder, colorado

Beauty Spot is the only salon in Boulder offering this type of natural tattoo removal.

A full consultation is required to see if you are a candidate for “Non-laser” Pigment Lightening. You will be given instructions on how to care for your procedure, before and after the session.  You will be instructed what you will need for your aftercare and how to keep area DRY during showers. Not everyone may be suitable for this service. The more melanin in the skin poses a risk of “hyperpigmentation” (skin becoming darker after healing).

How much does Tattoo Removal Cost?

Tattoo Removal – $195 /session

Discounts for clients needing more than 1 session

How many tattoo removal sessions it will take depends on many factors including the depth of pigment or tattoo ink inserted into the tissue. Full removal can take several sessions, possibly more. “Lightening “ pulls out pigment layer by layer, so the more times pigment has been placed in the area, more sessions will be required to pull it all out.  A “lightening” of pigment may be all you need to cover an existing tattoo.

Sometimes it is necessary to “lighten” existing pigment in order to be able to accomplish a successful “color correction” of existing pigment. If the existing pigment is too dark, a color correction may yield a too dark of color, if new desired color is a lighter one. Also, if there is more than one color to be corrected, the lighter the existing pigment can become, the better for correcting. Full lightening is necessary when existing pigment color is wanted to be completely gone.

No tattoo removal process can get the pigment out in one session other than having a plastic surgeon cut the tissue out. Then you have scarring. Tattoo removal should be done only by licensed and insured cosmetic artists, doctors, or nurses that have been properly trained.  The Beauty Spot is a licensed facility certified in A+ Ocean tattoo removal.

What is Natural Tattoo Removal?

Natural tattoo removal is different than laser tattoo removal. The advantage of this natural method is that it does not permanently damage the tissue like lasers or chemical removal methods. It will not remove natural skin color and can get any color out of the tissue unlike lasers. It can be used on the facial tissue with cosmetic tattoos. The cost to the customer is a fraction compared to other methods including laser tattoo removal. Also the laser tattoo removal process can cause colored ink to turn grey.

Here’s how Natural Tattoo Removal works:

  1. The saline tattoo removal solution is applied to the skin the same way that the pigment was originally placed. The tattoo removal solution creates a scab over the application area that will fall off by itself, and the skin heals naturally. The new skin is revealed after the scab falls.
  2. During the healing process the unwanted pigment attaches to the scab and is effectively pulled up and out by the scab. The healing is a natural process which requires that the scab be kept dry at all times until it falls off naturally.
  3. The process can be repeated if necessary to remove any remaining pigment.  You’ll need to allow for an adequate amount of time to fully heal & recover the skin between sessions to prevent scarring.

Benefits of A+ Ocean vs Laser

  • 50% to 75% fewer treatments needed
  • Less expensive
  • Doesn’t kill hair follicles.
  • Less Painful & Less chance of scarring
  • Removes ALL colors (laser will not remove all colors)

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