Tooth Gems in Boulder, Colorado

Add a splash of glimmer to your smile. Unlike piercings, Swarovski Smile Gems are a safe, quick, and painless way to add bling to your “uniqueness.” The tiny tooth gems are applied to the enamel of a healthy tooth using a professional dental adhesive. Offered in various colors and shapes, Twinkles tooth gems also come in 24 carat gold in shapes from hearts and stars to dolphins and lizards. Tooth Gems can be placed on any natural tooth of your choice and stay in place 3-6 months……some lasting years!  You can remove the tooth gems at any time with no damage to the tooth. Add some tooth bling to your smile today at The Beauty Spot in Boulder!



“Michelle is absolutely awesome, she did several tooth gems for me a few weeks ago and they’re probably my favorite body modification so far. She’s very fast and does an amazing job, she even replaced one tooth gem for me when it came out over the weekend! I definitely recommend giving this place a look.” ~ Annette S. Boulder, Colorado


Celebrity Tooth Gems

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About The Beauty Spot in Boulder, Colorado

Located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, The Beauty Spot Salon – owned and operated by Michelle Hale – offers an intimate setting for all your beauty needs. In addition to Twinkles Tooth Gems and tooth bling, check out our most popular salon services such as Tattoo Removal, Dermaplaning, and Eyelash Tinting, Thermoclear, Permanent Makeup, microblading and microneedling, lip blushing, and scalp tattoo. People travel to our salon from all over Colorado including Longmont, Louisville, Golden, and Denver – and also Wyoming, Nebraska, and New Mexico!

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