ALMA Ted Hair Restoration

Alma TED Hair Restoration in Boulder

The Beauty Spot  is now offering Alma TED hair restoration treatment in Boulder, Colorado – a revolutionary, non-invasive hair treatment for men and women. Hair loss can be a traumatic experience causing people to be conscious of their hair thinning and shedding, and anxious to regain their fuller head of hair. 

The TED treatment is a powerful solution, changing the game of hair loss and drawing attention for its incredible results. TED hair restoration stimulates hair growth deep within the skin by improving blood flow in the scalp and injecting nutrients specifically formulated to boost hair production. At The Beauty Spot in Boulder, we understand that hair loss can be a huge insecurity for both men and women. If you have hair loss concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

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The Beauty Spot is the only salon in Boulder, Colorado offering Alma TED Hair Restoration

TED Hair Regrowth Treatment Colorado before & after

How Does Alma TED Work?

TED uses an ultrasound-based system that uses sound waves and air pressure to enhance the penetration of a powerful topical hair growth formula into the scalp. This combination is designed to increase blood flow, optimize scalp health, and stimulate hair follicles to produce thicker, stronger, healthier hair.

When Alma TED is used with this topical formula, it promotes increased blood flow to the scalp and a healthier, thicker, stronger head of hair. It offers these benefits without the discomfort and shedding commonly associated with in-office hair growth treatments.

How Much Does Alma TED Cost? 

$1100 Single Treatment
$2500 Pack of 3 Treatments


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Candidates for the Alma TED hair regrowth procedure are:

  • Men or Women in good health.
  • People experiencing early signs of hair loss.
  • Those who have had no recent treatments or taken substances that include steroids.
  • Benefits of Alma TED Hair Restoration Treatment

Some of the many benefits of the Alma TED procedure include:

  • Pain-free and Needle-free.
  • Quick and simple.
  • Helps support optimal hair regrowth.
  • Improves hair volume and thickens hair follicles.
  • No post-treatment shedding.
  • Also stimulates blood flow of the scalp to improve scalp health.

What Can Alma TED Hair Restoration Treat?

One of the many impressive features of the Alma TED hair restoration treatment is that it can treat both male and female pattern baldness. Known as androgenetic alopecia in the medical world, hair loss is a condition more commonly present in, but not exclusive to, men. Male pattern baldness is usually characterized by the forming of an ‘M’ like shape above the forehead as the hairline recedes.

If you’re suffering from hair loss, hair shedding, or thinning hair, the Alma TED hair restoration treatment may be the perfect solution. If you live in the Boulder or Denver, Colorado area and you’re interested in a Alma TED hair restoration treatment, contact us today or book an appointment!

TED Hair Regrowth Treatment Colorado for Women before/after
Alma Ted Hair Restoration for Men - Before & After

How Many Alma TED Treatments Will I Need?

Each patient responds differently to the Alma TED hair restoration treatment. Therefore, how many treatments you’ll require greatly depends on your quality of hair, amount of hair loss, and the results you want to achieve. On average, most patients require 3 treatment sessions to achieve optimal results.

You can expect to see minor results after one TED treatment, but it is typically recommended to have a series of at least three TED treatments, one month apart, for optimal results.

Does Alma TED regrow a new hair follicle?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to restore hair growth to a severely depleted area is through hair transplantation. However, TED can be used in conjunction with hair transplants to help slow, stop, and reverse the progression of hair loss in non-transplanted areas.

In comparison to the traditional hair transplant, the Alma TED in-office hair restoration treatments rely on acoustic sound waves and air pressure to promote hair growth. No surgery or needles are involved in the process, so there is little to no recovery downtime required after treatment is completed. The Alma TED treatment is a pain-free, hassle-free procedure developed to promote hair growth quickly, safely, and effectively.

Alma Hair Restoration for Men Before & After

See What Our TED Hair Restoration Clients Are Saying

“Did the TED treatment and it was amazing. Lost probably 80% of my hair after being in the hospital and I saw no signs of the hair loss slowing down. Once I did the first treatment it slowed down a lot and then after the second my hair loss completely stopped. Now it’s growing back in very thick and full and I believe my hair will be like normal in no time once it grows out again! Super happy!!!!!.” ~ James K., Denver, Colorado

“The Beauty Spot in Boulder was recommended by a friend as Michelle just acquired the Alma Ted Hair Restoration. At first I was highly skeptical as the horror stories for men’s hair restoration are a dime a dozen. Not only am I impressed, I am much more confident in my day to day. Michelle went through the entire process and not only explained everything, but answered all of my questions. She made the process feel like visiting a friend instead of a hair treatment procedure. The procedure itself is completely painless and quite quick and simple. Michelle was exceptionally professional and I can’t recommend this procedure enough. This procedure is something I would recommend to anyone looking to increase fullness, increase the strength of their hair, and boost their self confidence. I am so happy I took a leap of faith and completed this. I want to emphasize that this is pain free, quick, confidence boosting, and really strengthens my hair.” Terrren B., Denver, Colorado

“I recently was recommended the Alma Ted by Michelle at the beauty spot. I had never heard of it before so I was a little hesitant at first but am SO glad that I went through with it. I have always struggled with having thin / fragile hair around my face and was looking for a way to make those hairs thicker and help with growth. I noticed significant differences within a few weeks and I’m very happy with the results. I ended up doin g a mix of scalp mp and Alma Ted and highly recommend it for anyone looking for hair growth / thickness solutions!! Additionally the pricing is very affordable. Overall a 10/10 experience!” ~ Chloe F., Boulder, Colorado

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