Permanent Makeup at The Beauty Spot in Boulder, CO


Permanent makeup and reconstructive tattooing is a form of tattooing that implements long-lasting color to a desired area of choice. It is commonly applied to the face as “makeup” which can include eyeliner, eyebrows or lips. Micro-pigmentation may also be used as a cosmetic aid in scar coverage (burn victims), lip deformities (cleft palate), re-pigmentation of the areola (breast cancer), or in the absence of hair or skin pigment.

Before any permanent makeup procedure at The Beauty Spot we thoroughly discuss your wants and expectations. It is important to be as specific as possible. We will look at colors and shapes together to find the most complementary fit for you.

Two appointments are recommended approximately 2-3 weeks apart, both of which are included in the initial price. Topical anesthetic is applied to the skin prior to needling. A mild sedative/pain killer (prescribed by physician only) is highly recommended and extremely helpful! A sterile needle is used and proper sterilization/ disinfection is followed for each client. Every client is not the same and will NOT have the same reaction to micro-pigmentation. Recovery time, if any, is usually not more than 2-3 days. Swelling, redness, and mild bruising may occur as a result of recovering. Keeping the area clean and moist with Aquaphor ointment or coconut oil will help prevent skin infection and increase color retention.

The use of chemical peels, retin A, and sunscreen to the area of service will greatly affect how long the color will last. You may choose to do a single touch-up appointment 2-3 years following to keep a fresher and brighter look.

It is very important to remember the color of the tattooed area will ALWAYS be more intense and exaggerated for up to 2 weeks following your permanent makeup service. A softer color gradually fades in.

*The Beauty Spot is licensed and regulated by the Boulder County Health Department*

The Beauty Spot Permanent Makeup Prices

  • Makeup Consultation – $50 non-refundable (applied toward procedure)

  • Microblading /Hair Stroke Eyebrows – $599 (on special for $499)
  •  Eyeliner – $400

  •  Brows – $400

  •  Lip Liner –  $400

  •  Full Lips – $500

  • Areola Pigment (single breast) – $500 (both breasts)- $800 
  • Beauty Mark – $50

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