Areola Restoration

About Areola Restoration in Boulder

Areola restoration is a 3D tattoo procedure to replicate the areola and nipple. This technique, sometimes referred to as paramedical tattoo, is for anyone who may have had a mastectomy, irregularity or inconsistency in their areola and nipples after any type of breast reconstructive surgery or augmentation. We are also proud to assist the Trans Community for top surgery reconstructions and feminization surgery.

The Beauty Spot is the only salon in Boulder, Colorado offering Areola Restoration


3D nipple tattoo is a “picture” of a nipple and areola on the breast that is flat to the touch but looks three-dimensional and quite real. 3D nipple and areola tattoos are real, permanent tattoos, applied by a skilled tattoo artist with needles that insert pigment into the skin.

Many women choose to get permanent 3D nipple tattoos instead of nipple reconstruction surgery. A nipple tattoo is less invasive than nipple reconstruction, and some people feel that the cosmetic results are better.

A tattoo can have fine details, shading, and coloring as well as adding scar coverage that make it look more realistic than what can be done with surgery. Ideally, nipple tattooing should be the last stage of the breast reconstruction process.

How Much Does 3D Areola Restoration Cost? 

Both Breasts | $850

(One touch-up included within 12 weeks of first appointment)

Single Side Restoration | $500

(One touch-up included within 12 weeks of first appointment)


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“I recently found Michelle through a google search. I had just moved to Boulder and wanted to get my brows shaped, tinted, and to have my eyelashes tinted as well. I was pleased with the job Michelle had done and she seemed very pleasant & professional. It was also relatively reasonable in price – about the same as my old salon in Denver. I will definitely be back as I love what she did for my brows!!” ~ Bella A., Boulder, Colorado

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